Tuesday, August 10, 2010

STFUAE - First Unofficial Meeting

So Stephen and I have been hanging out on Mondays because he is off and I am off and we like food and think eachother's poop jokes are funny.  Today ended up being excellent as usual because we planned and cooked but then got even better because Elizabeth came over!  E and I have been discussing the idea of a dinner club (my friend Ashley does one and her entries about it make me drool!) and when we were all putting together dinner and dessert using ingredients we had around we realized that this was our first unofficial meeting!  We were cooking, sharing ideas about food, eating - it was great. 

We had already picked a name for the club - STFUAE (can you guess what it stands for?) and we laid down some easy to remember rules:

1.  First rule of STFUAE is...well...STFU.  AE.
2.  Second rule of STFUAE is you cannot name your dish anything longer than the dish would take to eat.  For example - Jerk Chicken Pizza cannot be called Pizza with Jerk Spices, Poultry and Sauteed Vegetables on Whole Wheat Pan Crust - TOO LONG!
3.  Meetings will most likely be themed  - possibly as loosely as just "Italian Night" or as specific as "Peppercorns".  Within that we will probably assign courses so we don't just have a table full of mains or apps or desserts (which really would be ok if you ask me).
4.  There were other rules but I can't remember them - more when the Unofficial becomes Official.

 Later our friends Alex and Heather came over to share dessert with us and were pretty excited about the club idea (this might have just been excitement about the Dulce de Leche but whatever) so we think we already have two more members when we actually decide to get this thing going.

So - we made and ate:

Baked Kale Chips - no picture because we ate them so fast but I highly suggest you trying this!  I like kale a heck of a lot but this is a great new way to eat it!

Bacon Wrapped Mango

Bacon Wrapped Mango

Cut Mango.  Wrap in bacon.  Secure with toothpick.  Bake.  Eat.  It was a great combo but I suggest you use big pieces of mango so the bacon doesn't overshadow the taste of the fruit.

Seafood Broccoli Pizza on Whole Wheat Crust


I had some leftover seafood mix from Trader Joe's (calamari, shrimp and scallops) in red sauce in the freezer so I defrosted it, strained the sauce out and reduced it then put it back together again.  A quick toss of some broccoli in some olive oil and a quick bake in the oven, then lay pizza crust out, quick pre bake for crispness, and put toppings on (plus cheese and cheese and cheese). 

Jerk Chicken Pizza on Whole Wheat Crust


This one you have to ask E about.  She brought over chicken and pepper already delicioused in jerk seasoning and we threw it on a pizza crust we pre baked with some smoked garlic cheddar that I had lying around (Trader Joe's again).  We threw on some jarred peppers too. This was a little spicy and delicious!

Chocolate Gelato from this recipe (just the gelato part not the rest that sounds so amazing).


This was easier than ice cream and soooo creamy.  I think I might switch to the cornstarch method for my ice cream, especially after reading this

Dulche de Leche


We made this earlier in the day by boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk for an hour in a big pot filled with water about an inch above the can (soooo easy).  We let it cool then opened the can and saw this creamy goodness. 

Apricot Tart with Dulce de Leche


I had some apricots in the freezer I got from a farmstand awhile ago then blanched and pitted and peeled.  Stephen made a delicious crust and we thawed them and tossed with some cornstarch. We baked it up and threw some Dulche de Leche on top.  This was a good combo because the apricots were pretty tart.  Maybe next time a little sugar in the apricots would have chilled it out a bit. 

Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche and Toasted Coconut


After I took that picture I realized that it could easily be made into a Cake Monster and voila:


This cake monster was born from a small cake E brought over.  She sliced it and we filled with Dulce de Leche and while she was spreading I toasted some coconut that we threw on and in.  In case you are interested, they eyes are roasted soy nuts stuck on with Dulce de Leche and the tongue is a fruit gummi thing I lovingly carved with a paring knife.

After we ate until it hurt we played a foodie trivia game that Alex and Heather brought wherein I sucked and lost badly - but it was totally fun.


I have hopes for the next congregation of STFUAE!  Yeah!


  1. OMG marry me. for realz. your club name PWNS!

  2. Dude, awesomeness!!!

    And just for the record, I can STFUAE like you wouldn't believe. Ahem. *foot shuffle* *cough*

    Okay, I suck at being subtle:


  3. Ashley - whatever - you have a classy supper club which is awesome and pwns just as much. and yes i will marry you. you know this already.

  4. AJ - uhm - OF COURSE YOU CAN COME! i will send details out when they are available!